The girls were so excited after and just couldn’t stop talking about the things they learned. They told me all about what they learned and what they did. This conversation transitioned into theorizing about other things (“What does the air have to do with gravity? Are they related mom?”) I love how once their gears started turning they just didn’t stop. I asked if science class at school was as fun and the response was a resounding “No way!” Their minds were absolutely blown about if the DNA were placed end to end how many times it would reach to the moon and back, they seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it and saying “I just don’t understand how that’s possible!” Later in the day they took inspiration from what they learned in their imaginative play. Ginger played the role of a scientist who has this amazing discovery (fruit DNA theory) and brings it to a kid-run organization in the hopes of securing a job. Robin played the part of very tough interviewer. The role entailed basically facilitating an experiment where the kids are teaching the grownups. Here’s some awesome sound bites for you: “I can’t wait to make more DNA!” “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could put these on necklaces and wear them to school to show everyone? I have some perfect string for this” “Science is overwhelming, just because of the big words”  “It’s fun to be overwhelmed!”


Owl Pellet Workshop Parent