Owl Pellet Workshop

Wow! The StemBox Owl Pellet Workshop was such a success! The girls found all sorts of skulls and bones in their pellets. We even had some real owl enthusiasts in the crowd to share some of their knowledge with us! Check out some of our photos!

11011751_1329877920410955_5335372913481183490_n11062275_1329876137077800_5983123832148185826_o1979301_1329876610411086_4483604865940111193_o (1) 11334024_1329876540411093_4939594349566813362_o 11270265_1329876543744426_3975815308149555820_o 1979301_1329876610411086_4483604865940111193_o 11154582_1329876657077748_6804436082231254658_o  10960466_1329877080411039_4962702510308361621_o 11312734_1329876997077714_3350412653841673528_o 11336968_1329877043744376_3837764795630446006_o 11357360_1329876260411121_484937097518315297_o 11270543_1329876130411134_3108668162968664750_o 11334203_1329876127077801_3082232037430576992_o


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