Filming Update!

One of our goals here at StemBox is to deliver real scientific role models to young girls. For each box StemBox produces, we hope to highlight one role model in that field of STEM so that girls can see what scientists really look like. For our first box on DNA extraction, I went ahead and basically self interviewed since I spend most of my time working with DNA and its applications.  Our videographer, Greg, is a total pro and has been so amazing to work with. (If you ever need to hire someone for a video project let me know and I’ll get you in touch!) Greg has also been instrumental in filming our Kickstarter video, which should be released soon.


Filming the DNA Interview in the lab!

FullSizeRender (1)

Filming the Kickstarter Video!

In addition to filming for the DNA box, we managed to snag an interview at the Woodland Park Zoo with a raptor keeper for our Owl Pellet box! It was so much fun getting to see behind the scenes at the zoo and learn more about what goes in to taking care of owls! Stay tuned for the release of this video as well! It was also a great opportunity to sport my favorite owl sweater. Special thanks to Robert from Cinesaurus and Shelby for their help with this shoot!


Ros holding Coba the owl during our interview! What an awesome team!


Behind the scenes!!

Stay tuned for more filming updates and the release of our videos in the near future!


One thought on “Filming Update!

  1. Higginbotham, Debe says:

    Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. So brave of you to put yourself out there. I find one of your bosses super fascinating, Jenn Adair. I love how she blends her work, social and family life. I also feel she is doing a lot of ground work for females in the future. I would love to see her interview. Have a great evening!



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