Prepping for our debut!

It is less than a week away from our debut workshop and it’s great to look back and see how far things have come.

With the original conception of this idea there came a lot of planning, designing, curating, and conversations about how to create StemBox. And after all the hard work, I could not be more excited and nervous to present the first workshop to 20 girls next weekend at HiveBio.

The girls will be receiving our first box, Strawberry DNA Extraction,  a lesson on DNA, and an amazing DNA poster (donated by Life Technologies). What makes me so proud and excited about these boxes is that they include materials that are the same caliber of what is used everyday in real life research labs. I can speak from first hand experience that the materials in each box are the same as what I use everyday at work. The authenticity of these materials is key to making young girls feel that they too have access to real science and to do away with as much of the initial feelings of “impostor syndrome” that most girls in STEM are all too familiar with, at any level.

Putting together our workshop has come with many lessons and opportunities to grow StemBox even further.  Our first workshop sold out all 20 tickets in one day. Which is amazing and incredibly humbling. As a result of the popularity of the first event there have been many requests for StemBox to host a second event. I’m currently working out dates for a second DNA workshop and prepping for an Owl Pellet workshop soon after. We can guarantee 20 spots for each workshop at $20 each.

My hopes are to get 6 workshops for the first 6 boxes out as soon as possible so that we can finally start taking orders for our boxes. If all goes well at the first event, you can expect StemBox to begin taking preorders for the first box within a week or so of the event and delivery by July.  If July seems too far away, look into our workshops to get a taste of StemBox! (

Again, I am so grateful for all of the support StemBox has received and the excitement of girls and parents that can’t wait to get their first box.  Be on the lookout for signups for the next workshop and photos from the first event. If you’d like to be up to date on the latest events be sure to subscribe to our email list on our “Subscribe” page!


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